Food Distribution

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Our company offers a Complete, Flexible and Affordable Food Distribution and Accounting Software. We have extensive experience in your industry with satisfied clients all over the United States.

Our Solution is perfect for growing companies tired of dealing with applications that cannot be customized to their unique needs. BSC Food Distribution offers everything you need including: Sales, Purchasing, Processing, Truck Routing and Banking functions.

Our software is designed with the latest technology. We use a SQL Server database. This ensures your transactions are fast, secure and support an unlimited number of users. We always include data migration. We will provide training at your facility and customize your reports and labels according to your needs. Software Modifications are available and is one of our best selling points.

Implementing a new software will create no disruptions in your operations as we always run parallel transactions for an initial period. We will provide remote support directly to each computer. Our (optional) Support plans are very inexpensive and include software upgrades. You will be able to connect remotely to your system for no additional cost.

Upgrading your current software will improve the control of your Purchases/Sales/Inventory. This will make your company more efficient and profitable. This small investment can be recovered in a short time and we offer flexible terms.

Product Key Features:



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