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Account Receivables Report


This report will allow you to see a snapshot of all the Account Receivable transactions until a given day. This report is similar to the Aged Receivables Report.
However, it can provide a picture of the balance on the invoices as of today or a prior date.


First, go to the main menu and click on Report/AR Reports/Account Receivables Report.


1- Select Customer. The user have the option to check the “Selected Customer” option to print the report for a specific customers. (Use the “Customer Id” section to look up the customers you want to include on the report). The other option the user has is to check the “All Customer” option to print the report for all the customers in the database.

2- Select Date. This date will represent the final day in which the report will be made.

3- SalesPerson. If the user select a salesperson in this section, the report will be base on the sales for this particular employee. (Leave this option in blank if you want a report with all the employees include.)

4- View Format. Select the “Summary” option if you want a brief report, or select the “Detail” option for a more accurate report.

5- Hit the “Report” button to create the report.


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