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Accounts Payable


This report shows the balances that your company owe to its vendors. The debts consist of supplies, inventory, and services you buy for your business. This report contains who your creditors are, and how much you owe.


First, go to the main menu and click on Report/AP Reports/Accounts Payable.


1- Select Vendor. Check the "Selected Vendors" option to print the report for specific vendors. (Use the "Vendor Id" section to look up the vendors you want to include on the report). You also could check the "All Vendors" option to print the report for all the vendors.

2- Select Date. This date will represent the final day in which the report will be made.

3- View Format. Select the "Summary" option if you want a brief report, or select the "Detail" option for a more accurate report.

4- Hit the "Report" button to show the report.


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