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Aged Payables Report


The Aged Payables report shows you a list of vendors with Balances greater than zero.


First, go to the main menu and click on Report/AP Reports/Aged Payables


- The report distributes the balance due among the four different periods that were setup in the “Purchases Preferences Form”.
- This report can be printed in summary format which only shows total balance due totals by period per vendor.

- It can also be printed in detailed format which shows all receivings and vouchers that comprise the total balance per period for vendor.
- The Aged Receivables report can be filtered to show all customers with balances or just a selection of them.

- Fill the “From” and “To” boxes if you wish to specified the number of days for which these balances have been posted. ( If you want to show all the current balances just fill with “0” both boxes.

-In addition to that the user has the option of showing one page for each Vendor group.


Note: Refer to the Reports Overview help topic for details about the operations of the reports in BSC Food Distribution

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