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Aged Receivables Report


The Aged Receivables report shows you a list of customers with Balances greater than zero.


The report distributes the balance due among the four different periods that were setup in the “Sales Preferences Form”.
This report can be printed in summary format which only shows total balance due totals by period per customer or it can also be printed in detailed format which shows all invoices that comprise the total balance per period for customer.
The Aged Receivables report can be filtered to show all customers with balances or just a selection of them.
In addition to that the user has the option of grouping the records by customer group.

1- In this report the user is able to check the “Selected Customers” option if he wants a report made for specific customers. (Use the “Customer Id” section to look up on the company’s customer list).

2- Other wise, check “ All Customers” option for a report with all the company's customers. ( Select an employee in the “ Salesperson” box, or a “Customer Type”, if you want a specific report.)

Note: Refer to the Reports Overview help topic for details about the operations of the reports in BSC Food Distribution

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