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Balance Sheet Report

This form will allow you to print a fairly general Balance Sheet Report. This report will have three main sections (Assets, Liabilities, Equity). We will be using the general rule for Balance Sheet Reports which states that Assets must be equal to Liabilities plus Equity. The accounts use in the balance sheet are not affected by the Year End's transaction therefore, you don't need to select periods to print the report.

You can print the report in summary format. This only shows the three main sections (Assets, Liabilities, Equity) and a group of subsections:

1. Assets:

2. Liability:

3. Long Term Liabilities:

4. Equity:

In addition to this, you can print it in detail format which shows you a list of all accounts within the three major categories (Assets, Liabilities, Equity) and their balances. This option allows you to show accounts with zero balances or not. Finally, this report will allow you to compare the balances in the accounts with the previous year Balance or Budget.

Note: Refer to the Reports Overview help topic for details about the operations of the reports in BSC Food Distribution

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