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Barcode Setup


This option allows the user to Setup barcodes on the system.


To setup a new barcode go to the main menu and click on Setup/Inventory/Barcode Setup.


1- By doing click on the “New” button the user will be able to select if this new barcode is a vendor barcode, or an internal barcode(the one that the company uses).

2- For this option, the user could add a brief description to use as reference on the system.

3- To set up the barcode, the user needs to fill the “Star” and “End” boxed along with the “Format Code”. (By doing this, each number will have a meaning on the barcode)

4- The user is able to lookup on the system or just type the “Customer Id” for which this barcode will be linked.

5- Once all is set, click on the “Update” button to save the data.


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