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Setup Batch Maintenance


The Batch Maintenance screen allows you to add, modify and delete Batches to the Items that were designed as “Batch Controlled.”(See Item Setup) The system won’t allow you to delete any Batches that have quantities on hand. On the other hand it is always a good Idea to add the batches to the system using the Receiving or the Inventory Adjustment Form. Even though this form allows you to assign a new batch to an Item, it won’t let you change its Quantity on Hand.


1. Customer Id, Description

Click the Button to the Right of the Customer Id Textbox to select the Item that you want to work with. Once you select the Item The customer Id and Description are entered in the Respective fields and the Grid is populated with the list of all existing Batches if any.

2. Batch Id

Enter the Batch Id. This must be unique and it can be a combination of Numbers and letters

3. Exp. Date

Select the expiration date of this batch. It is very important that you entered the most accurate information in here. This date will be used to ordered all batches when this Item is added to a Sales Order/Invoice. The Batches that will expire sooner will show first in the list.

4. Add

Click this Button and the Batch, along with its expiration date is added to the grid. The Description is just the Combination of the Two. The Date added is automatically entered based in the workstation’s date.

5. Edit

In order to edit any of the information in the Grid: select the Batch, Go to the Column you want to edit, Make the changes and Update.

6. Delete

In order to delete a Batch: Select the Row for the Batch, Press the Delete Button, and hit Update.

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