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Batch Posting


This form will allow you to have a lookup of all un-posted Invoices, Returns, Credit Memos and Sales Memos. The user will then get a chance of selecting which transactions he/she wants to post. If the user is unsure about a particular transaction, this form allows drilling down to the original document to double check. Finally, the user can also opt to post the transactions and print the Invoice documents. This form is very helpful if the company decides to assign the task of checking transactions before posting to a particular person


1- Click on Sales/Batch Posting. This action will open the Batch Posting form showing no Transactions

2- Select a Salesperson from the list. If you select one salesperson, only the transactions from that person will show in the form. If you leave the Salesperson selection blank, transactions from all salespersons will show

3- Select the “Search by” option from the dropdown list, if you want to search the results based on this field and the criteria.

4- Enter in the “Criteria” field all or part of the “Search By” you selected.

5- Select the Document Type. You can search all documents or select the Radio Button that indicates the type of document you want to use.

6- Select the appropriate Date Range for your search using the “Start Date” and “End Date” fields.

7- Press the Search Button. This action will query the database according to the search selection you entered before. The Transactions that meet this criterion will show in the grid. You can modify the search conditions and hit search as many times as you want.

8- Hit the “Refresh” Button if you feel this form has been open a long time and the transactions on it might have been modified

9- You can select one by one the transactions that you want to post by marking the checkboxes in the “Post” Column. You can open the original transaction for review by Clicking in the Transaction Number Column Search button.

10- Press the “Select All” button if you want to post all transactions in the grid. Press the “Unselect All” button to undo the prior one.

11- Check the “Print Posted Invoices” checkbox to print the invoices that were posted at the end of the transaction.

12- Hit the “Post” button to post the transaction. You will get a confirmation message before continuing

13- You will get a confirmation Message about the Posting Action. If it was successful all posted transactions will disappear from the Grid. If the posting is not successful the Error Message Columns of the transactions in the gird will show the reason.

14- After these transactions are posted, no changes can be made to them unless they are voided.

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