Client Installation Instructions

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BSC Food Distribution Client Installation

For the live application complete all steps below (1-17).

For the demo application complete only steps 1-8 skip the rest of the steps

Install Application

1- Install the .Net Framework 3.5 that comes in the installation package or download it from the Microsoft website.

2- Double Click on the Setup.Exe inside of the Client Setup Folder

3- Hit Next on the Initial screen after reading the disclaimer

4- Select the appropriate location to install the application. Check if you want the application to be installed for all users with access to this computer or for the current user only . The "Disk Cost" button will show you how much space you have on your Hard Drive and how much space BSC Food Distribution will need (120MB).

5- Click Next to start the installation

6- Follow the installation instructions and hit Close when finished

7- The installation adds a shortcut to the Start/Programs and to the desktop that looks like this:

8- Double click the BSC Food Distribution Icon Icon. The login form should open:

Create Database

1- If you are doing this for the first time, you need to create a database first. The default user name is "administrator" and the password is "admin"

2- Click on the Connection Tab

3- IP/URL Address: Enter the location for the Web-Services ("Server_Name/bsc_ws" by default). Server_Name or Local-host can be substituted by the computer name if you are going to be accessing the server from inside the network or an IP address if you are going to access it from a remote location:

4- Server Name: This is the same server name we used in the installation of the MSDE 2008("Your

Server Name\BSCDATA\). If you are going

to use an SQL Server 2008 R2 Engine, you would enter here the name of that server.

5- Database Name. If the database does not exist enter here the name of the database you want to create.

6- Click on the "Save" button then the "Create DB" button to create a new database. All the information you entered in the Login Window is copied to the "Create Company" form. The user only needs to enter the Administrator User Name ("Sa" for MSDE 2008,) and the password ("admin" for MSDE 2008). Ask your Server Administrator for the right user information for SQL Server 2008 R2.

7- Chart of Accounts: Check this box to fill the chart of accounts of the new company with default values.

8- GL Account Ranges: Check this box to pre-setup the ranges of the accounts in the new company. You should check this option if you checked the one before.

9- Click the "Go" button to start creating the new database. This process should take less than 3 minutes and you should receive a confirmation of its completion or a message if any problems exist. Potential problems include attempting to create a database that already exists, wrong Administrator User Name and/or Password, Wrong Server Name or Web-Services address. In addition to this, you should check that the MSDE 2008 Service is running.

10- Once the Database has been created you can go back to the initial form and hit login to start the BSC application

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