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Company Setup


On this form you can enter miscellaneous data that defines your company. 


1. Enter the company Id, Name, Address and telephone Numbers. This information will appear in the header of most of the reports.

2. Enter "Days to Retrieve" Information. This field represents the number of days back information will be retrieved by default

3. Select the default Warehouse (Required)

4. Select the default Bank Account from the list (Required)

5. Select the Default POS account. This is required if the company will use the POS Module

6. Check the "Use Sales Tax (Y/N)" if some customers will pay taxes in your system

7. Check the "Use Numeric UPC's" checkboxes to allow ONLY Numeric Item Id's in the system

8. Check the "Use Passwords Checkbox" to make some areas of your system more secure from non-administrator users

9. Enter optional Notes about your company in the space provided. The notes are for reference only and they do not show on any reports

10. Use the Reset User log button to check all the users that are concurrently logged in the system. If you esteem that some users already exited the system and the list is longer than usual we advise to tell all the users to exit the system and press the "Reset" button.



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