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Setup Credit Cards


The Setup Credit Cards form allows you to Add, Edit or Delete the different credit cards that your company uses


First, go to the main menu and click on Setup/Payment/Credit Cards.


1- Open the Setup Credit Cards Form

2- Press the Add Button and enter the Credit Card Description. The description should be less than 50 characters, make it something like MasterCard #1, Trade Shows Visa, Charge American Express, etc

3- Enter the name on the credit card; make sure you don't misspell that information

4- Enter the credit card number, this field only allows numbers and you should enter the number as it appears in the front of the card

5- Enter the Credit Card Expiration Date

6- Enter the account number to where payments made with this Credit Card are going to be posted

7- Press update before closing the form or searching for another credit card

8- To Edit a Credit Card, use the search button to the right of the Credit card Type

9- To delete a Payment Method, Search for one and press delete


Note: Make sure this area of the software is only available to users with the appropriate rights!!!

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