Customer Account Status

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Customer Account Status


This form will show a list of customers in your company along with their Lifetime Sales, Year-to-Date Sales, Open Invoices and Past 30 Days


If you selected “View all Customers Y/N” as yes in the company setup, this list will contain all of the customers in your system when you open it.

Otherwise, you can use the search tools available.
You can filter customers by Salesperson, Customer Id, Customer Name, and Contact.
The list that shows in the Grid can be sorted by any column by clicking in the column header. The totals for all the customers in the grid can be seen at the bottom of the form. Finally, you can click on the button inside the Open Invoices or the Past 30 Days columns. That action will open another window with the list of all transactions that make up that amount. In the Account Detail form you can click in the “Doc #” column to open the document to be analyzed.

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