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Customers Statements / Ledger Report


The customer ledger report gives you a lookup of all customers who have open invoices.


This report can be printed in a summary format that shows you only the customer Id/Name/Phone and the Invoice Total/Amount Paid/Balance Due. In addition to this, the report can be printed in detail format; this option will show the customer and a list of all invoices with balance due greater than zero. You can select All Customers with balance dues to show in the report or you can make your own list. However, only customers with Balance Dues with show in the report even if you have then in your data selection screen. You have to select a date range for your report as it comes with only the current date as default. You can also select the “Only non Posted Invoices” option to bring only invoices that have not been posted and therefore are also completely unpaid. You can bring one or all salespersons and sort the report by sales person or customer. Finally, the report can be printed showing one page for each group. This is recommendable when you have to divide the personnel who will contact this customers to accelerate collection.

Note: Refer to the Reports Overview help topic for details about the operations of the reports in BSC Food Distribution

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