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Setup Customer Types


This form will allow you to Add, Modify and Delete Customer. This will also allow you to setup price lists. Furthermore, after the price lists are setup, you can add/remove all the items from the price lists and/or update the prices. This is one of the most important Setup Forms on the BSC Food Distribution System. It affects the customer (See Customer Setup), Sales Order/Receiving and the Price List Report.


1- Customer Type Id. Enter a Unique Identifier. Use a combination of letters and numbers with less than 50 characters. This Id's will be added to a combo box in the Customer Setup Form so that each customer can be assigned to a price lists

2- Customer Type Description. Enter a meaningful description for the price lists in question. This Description should never be more than 100 characters. This descriptions will appear in many reports through the system specially the Price Lists and Sales Analysis Reports by Item.

3- Cost Markup. If you decide to make this Customer Group into a Cost Driven Price List, Check the "Cost Markup Checkbox". In addition to this, enter the percentage that will be used to calculate the prices based in the real cost of the items in the "Cost Markup" Text Box.

4- Min Profit. Enter in here the minimum profit that management has decided to assign to this customer group. If the salesperson sells the merchandise below this percentage he/she will get a warning and the commission for that sale can be greatly affected.

5- Group Commission % This Percentage is the one that will be used to calculate the commission report on unpaid invoices if the "Assume Invoices Paid (Y/N)" Checkbox is set to true.

6- All Items. If this option is checked, any new item in the system will be added to this price list automatically. If this is a manual price list the items will be added at regular price. If this is a "Cost Markup" price list.

7- Assume Invoices Paid (Y/N) If this customer group has customers with excellent payment histories or significant size, you might want to entice your salesperson to increase your sales to them by paying them commission right after the sale and not when payment is received. The Rate used to calculate this "before payment" commission will be the Group Commission %

8- Update Prices. Clicking on this button will recalculate all the Prices based in the updated Markup Percentage Information if this is s Cost Markup Price List. On the other hand, if this is a manual price list, this action will open a lookup of all the items that are part of the price list. The user then can modify any of the listed prices and Save the Price list.

9- Add All Items. Clicking on this button will add all items in the company to this price list if they are not already part of it. If this is a manual Price list all items will be added at regular Price. On the other hand if this is a "Cost Markup" price list, the items will be added to this price lists using the real cost of the item and the Cost markup % on this form.

10- Remove All Items. Finally, clicking this button will prompt the user for confirmation. This is due to that fact that this function will take all the items from this price list leaving it empty. Therefore, any customers that were already assigned to this price list will get regular prices until this price list is again populated.

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