Data Transmit

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Data Transmit


Transmit Posted or Saved Transactions


1. The "Data Transmit" button will open the same Transmit function from the POS form and only works when an online connection has been established. This option is also protected to some users without the necessary rights.

2. You can click on the "Posted Locally" or "Saved Locally" option buttons to filter the locally saved transactions

3. Click in the "+" Sign in the first column to see the details of the items in that invoice

4. Hit the transmit button to send the invoices to the main database. You will get a confirmation at the end that all invoices were synchronized. If you had problems with the transmission you will receive a message with the Invoice Number of the un-transmitted transaction and a description of the problem.

5. If the invoices were posted locally they will be posted in the main database. If they were saved locally they will be saved but not posted in the main database.

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