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Edit Sales


Edit an existing invoice


1. To you have to choose whether to search for it locally or in the main server. If you know the transaction number, just enter it in the "Invoice Number" textbox and hit enter. Make sure the Search Invoice Button is red for searching locally or green if searching in the main database. If the transaction is found, all the data will be displayed in the form. If the invoice number is not found, the system will prompt you to create a new one.

2. Click on the Button to the right of the "Invoice Number" Textbox to open the POS Transactions Search Form.

3. Make sure you click on the Search Online/Offline button and the right selection is made in the "Saved/Posted" options. This will allow you to filter your records. The current Location comes by default but the user can search for transactions of other locations by selecting them in the dropdown box. Furthermore, Invoices can be filtered by a date range and several search options inside the "Search By:" dropdown list.

4. Once you see the transaction you would like to edit in the grid: Select that line and hit the "Select" button. All the data will be displayed in the form. If the invoice is posted, no changes can be made to it. However, the user has the option of Voiding the Invoice and/or reprinting the Receipt or a copy of the regular Invoice.

5. Whenever the user needs to close the cash register, the End of Day Report (E.O.D.) will provide a way of showing the sales of a specific Salesperson, Station in a selected date range. If the Salesperson field is erased, a report of all salespeople that used the selected station in the desired time span will be printed. The same logic follows if the POS ID field is erased.

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