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This Form allows you to add modify and delete employees. The employees can be salespersons or not and based in the group they are assigned to is the level of operability they will have in the system. The Information entered in here will have an effect in many areas of the system like customer setup, Sales Order, Invoice, Po, Receiving etc. Not all fields in this page are required. However, access to this page should be restricted to authorized personnel only.


1- Employee Id. The employee id should be a identifier for this employee/user of the BSC system. You can enter numbers, letters and spaces but we do not recommend the use of any special characters.

2- Employee Name, Address and phone. The employee name is used in the system as the Login Name of the user. This field has to be carefully selected as it will show in all sales analysis reports reflecting the transactions that this employee has been part of. The rest of the contact information for this user (such as Address and phone) is optional.

3- Hire Date. Select the employee hire date. This information is optional

4- Social Security Number. This information is also optional. Due

5- Group. Select the Group that this employee is part. This will assign the rights associated to that group. Therefore, the next time this employee logs in, he/she will only be able to access the menu items associated to the current group. (See Employee Types, Groups, Groups and Rights and password Maintenance)

6- Department. Optional Feature. Allows you to select what in what department this employee is in

7- Location. Allow you to associate the employee to one of the companies Locations/Warehouses

8- Pay Type. Select "Salary + Commission" if this employee is a Salesperson. Otherwise, select the most accurate choice from the list.

9- Pay Frequency, Annual Salary, Hourly Rate, Overtime Rate. All of these fields are for informational purposes only as the BSC Food Distribution software does not include a Payroll Module at the time

10- Commission (%) This is the commission percentage that this salesperson gets based on his/her sales or profit. This percentage can be changed at any time.(See commission Report)

12- Disc Commission (%) This is the commission percentage that this salesperson will get if he/she sells any items below the Minimum Profit Level (See Customer Type Setup) based on his/her sales or profit. This percentage can be changed at any time. (See commission Report)

13- Commissions by Sales or Profit. The commissions can be calculate based in the Gross Sale according to the regular or discount commission percent. In addition to that, the commission can also be based in the profit of the sale

14- Notes. Enter any notes that are related to this employee that you deem necessary. This notes will remain in his/her employee file for as long as you want and they will not be reflected on any other area of the system.

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