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Setup Employee Types


This option allows the user to create, modify or delete “Types” of employee.


Usually in a company not all the position are the same, in the BSC software you can reflect the employee’s position as “Types”. The most common types are: Salesperson, Drivers, Managers, and Office Staff. Feel free to add as many types as you need.

To create a new “Employee Type” go to the main menu and click on Setup/Employee/Employee types.


1- Click on the “New” button to create a new type.

2- Write the name for this type on the “Employee Type” box and also wite a brief description about this position on the “Description” box.

3- Click on the “Update” button to add this type to your database.



To delete or modify an “Employee Type”, hit the “Search” button (located next to the “Employee Type” box), select the employee type you wish to modify or delete. Then, make the changes you want and press the “Update” button to save the changes. If you want to delete this type, just click on the “Delete” button.

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