Entering Weights

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Entering Weight


Entering Weight for Items


1. If any of the items are "Cash Weight" you will need to enter their weight distribution.

2. Enter weight distribution by selecting the cash weight item from the grid and clicking on the "Weight" button (between the "Payments" and "Delete" button on the lower left side of POS screen).

3. Here you will enter weight distribution according to the quantity selected on the main screen. The number of "elements" is a reminder as to the quantity entered (in this case the quantity is 1 as there is "1 element"). You will have to enter as many specific weights as the quantity specifies. Enter weights by filling in the weight field and hitting "Enter" (This can be done with the touch screen helper on the right or using the keyboard). If you do not want to enter a weight for each, you can simply enter the total weight in the "Total" box and the weight will be distributed evenly by the quantity.

4. When you are done entering the weight distribution for this item click on the "Save" button on the weight distribution form to save the information you entered and return to the main POS form.

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