Fiscal Year Setup

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Fiscal Year Setup


This option allows the user to setup the fiscal year on the system.


First, go to main menu and click on, Setup/Accounting/Fiscal Year Setup.


1- The “GL Post by Date” can just be filled by the numbers “1” or “2”. If you want the transactions to be posted according the “System date” enter 1, this mean that the transactions date will be the day in which the sales order was entered on the system. If you want the transaction to be posted on the same day in which the invoice was post, enter the number 2 to post the transaction on the “Transaction date”.

2- Enter the corresponding year on the “Fiscal Year” box.

3- Set up the “Start Date” and the “End Date” for this fiscal year. (Check the “Post to GL” box to post this selection on the GL)

4- After all the selections were made, click on the “Update” button to save the fiscal year setup.


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