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General Journal Report


The General Journal Report is very useful for accountants in order to track the current balance of the GL Accounts.


First of all, this report requires you to select the From/To Accounts.

Furthermore, you need to select the From/To date for the transactions.

The report can be printed in three different formats: by Account, by Date or by Transaction.

The “by account” format shows All Transactions Grouped by account in ascending order.

In addition to this, the by date account shows the GL Transactions ordered by date; therefore the same accounts might appear in different dates.

Finally, the “By Transaction” option just lists the transactions in ascending order.

Therefore, this report will show you the same information you can see in the “GL Entries” form. The total credits should equal the total debits at the end of this report.

Note: Refer to the Reports Overview help topic for details about the operations of the reports in BSC Food Distribution

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