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Group Prices Setup


This option allows the user to see and modify all the monetary information for each item on the database.


By doing click on the “Group Price Setup” the software will display a list with all the items on the database.


1- Select an “Item Category” to reduce the list to one particular group of items. You can select one of the option availables on the “Search by” section and write a criteria on the “Criteria” box If you want the list to be more specific (Example: You can select on the “Search by” the “Description” option, and write the general product name on the “Criteria” box, such as “egg” or “beef”)

2- You can also select to display the items from a specific vendor, or customer group. (Usually at the beginning of each year some companies change their prices, and using this option will help you to change the prices quicker.)

3- After your chose the most convenient options, click on the “Search” button to display the items list.

4- Now, you should have a list of items that match with the options you selected before. In this new list you can change the costs, the prices and the profit percentage for each item. Click on the “Update Changes” button to save this changes





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