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Setup Item Categories


This Setup Screen Allows you to Add, Modify and Delete the different Item Categories that you will use in the company. This Setup is strongly related to the price lists and Item Setup


1- Enter Item Category Id and Description. The Id should be a unique field, and once it is entered it cannot be modified. The Description should be about 50 characters; it should be something meaningful because it will appear in Price Lists, Sales Analysis and Item Search forms

2- Exclude From Sales Analysis Report. This Checkbox will mark this Item Category as a Non-Profitable. When the user is preparing a Sales Analysis, all categories having this option checked will be excluded. However the user can include them if necessary.

3- Cigarettes. This Checkbox marks the Item category as special Cigarette category. This will differentiate the category in some sales analysis according to the customer needs

4- Tax Percentage. Enter here a percentage that will be added to the markup percentage that your price lists have. Those two percentages are then used to markup your real cost and determine the final selling price. For example, lets assume you have a Cost markup Price list called “Export” with a markup percentage of 15%. If you have an item category called “Dairy” and that category has a Tax Percentage of 10%, Export Customers will get those Dairy Items at 25% markup over the Item Real Cost.

5- Order. This field is optional if the Picking Tickets are printed ordered by Bin Location. On the other hand id the user decides to Print Picking tickets by categories, you should enter here the Order in which this category should appear in the Sales Order and Picking Ticket.

6- Code. This number is used in the Salesperson Commission Report as a way of differentiating the Item Categories. This is an optional Feature

7- Special Percentages. This percentage is use in the Special Percentage Report. This number has no other applications through the system. This is an optional Feature

8- Update Prices. By clicking this button the user will update all Cost Markups the Prices in the Price Lists that contain this Item Category if the Tax Percentage is greater than Zero

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