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Items Below Reorder Point


This option allow the user to see in a quick way which products are below the reorder point.


First go to the main menu and click on Tools/Item Reordering Tool.


1- Select a "Preferred Vendor" from the list and you will see all the items which are below the reordering point acording the vendor you selected. If you set a "Start" and "End" date, click on the "Refresh" button to show a new list according the dates you placed. (The user can also select the "All" option on the "Preferred Vendor" list, and the list will show ALL the items on the system, that are below the reordering point.)

2- Once you have selected a "Preferred Vendor" you will see how many units of these items you have "On Hand, "On Order", and "Booked".

3- You can make a new purchase order by checking this products on the "R" column, and once you marked all the items you wish to reorder, click on the "Create PO" button to create a new "Purchase Order".

4- The user also could make a report with all the items showed on the screen, by doing click on the "Report" button.


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