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Login Application


This form allows you to connect the BSC Food Distribution Client application to any remote server. Most of the information for the first login should be provided by the SQL Sever administrator of the company. The system will record the login information of the last successful login. Therefore, the user will only need to enter his/her password to connect. This function can be accessed by opening the application or through the BSC Food Distribution Main Menu.


File/Login from windows:

1- Double Click on the BSC Food Distribution Icon placed in your desktop by the installation or Go to Start/Programs/BSC Software

2- After the Login Window opens enter the user name and password that was assigned to you by the system administrator. If this is the first time your are running this option you should contact CSLLC for the Default User Name and Password for a new company.

3- Press the Connection tab

4- Enter the IP address of the computer running the Web services followed by "/" and the Virtual Directory name for the BSC Food Distribution Web services. In the case where the web server is running inside of your network you can enter the computer name instead of the IP.

5- Enter the Server Name. This should contain the name of the server where you want to create the new company database

6- Enter the name of the database/company you want to create

7- Press the Login Tab

8- Press the "Log In" Button

9- If you get a message saying that you are unable to connect, check the connection information and try again.

File/Login from the BSC Food Distribution Main Menu:

1- Click on File/Login or press the keys "Ctrl-L"

2- After the After the Login Window opens follow steps follow the steps 2-9 form above

3- The current company will be closed prior to log in, you cannot have two companies opened at the same time.

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