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Month End


This form allows you to perform a group of functions that should be done at the end of each month. First of all, you can asses finance charges to the customers that you assigned as liable for that, In addition to this, you can print the statements for the customers that require it. Finally, you can close the current month based in the Period-End Date and mark all transactions of that period as cleared.


Asses Finance Charges:

1- Open the Month End Form by Clicking on Tools/Month End

2- Press the Asses Finance Charges Button. This Action will open the “Asses Finance Charges” Form.

3- That form will contain a list of all customers who are liable to receive finance charges and have any outstanding balances.

4- The Balances are divided among the four periods that were setup in the Sales Preferences Form.

5- Change the transaction date if needed

6- The Finance Charge Text Box will show the default Finance Charge Percentage that was setup in the Sales Preferences Form. You can change this value for the current transaction.

7- Below you can see Checkboxes of the Four periods of the current company. All periods but the first one are checked by default.

8- The Finance charge Column will show a value equal to the sum of the outstanding balances for the selected periods multiplied by the Finance Percent. This value changes if the Finance percent is changed and/or the periods are selected or not.

9- Select in the Grid what customers will be received finance charges in the “Select Y/N” Checkbox column.

10- The “Total” Text box in the bottom of the form will show you the sum of all Finance Charges for the Selected Customers

11- Press the Post Button when you want to post your transaction to the GL. You will get a Confirmation Dialog before continuing.

12- When the transaction is posted you will get a confirmation. This action adds a finance charge transaction for every one of the selected customers. Those Items can be paid in the Cash Receipts form.

Print Statements

1- Open the Month End Form by Clicking on Tools/Month End

2- Press the “Print Statements” Button. This Action will open the “Print Customer Statement Form”.

3- That form will contain a list of all customers who are setup to receive statements

4- All customers are selected in this form to receive statements. However, you can go one by one and switch the “Yes” to “No” in the Select column. You can also use the Select/Unselect All buttons.

5- If you only want to print the statement for an specific customer, click the Unselect All, sort the data by any of the columns or enter the Customer Id in the Text Box in the top of the form and press enter

6- Adjust the Start Date and Cutoff Date for the Statement

7- Press the Print Button

8- Print or Export the Statement(s)

9- Close the Statement Report Form

10- Close the Statement selection form

Close Month

1- Open the Month End Form by Clicking on Tools/Month End

2- Select the Cut Off Date for the Month Close. For example, this allows you to close the Month of April on May 2nd.

3- Press the Close Month button. The system will calculate the period where the selected cut-off date is. That period will be closed and all transactions up to that date will be mark as “Clear”

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