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Setup Periods


This form will allow you to setup the accounting periods of the company. Those periods can be auto arranged by the system or they can be manually setup. After this action is completed the system will post to the appropriate periods based in the date of the transaction and the information entered in here. You should only change the information in this form at the start/end of any fiscal year.


1- Select the First and Last Day of the Fiscal Year of the Company (i.e. 01/01/2004-12/31/2004)

2- Use the “Auto Setup” button to setup the periods on the left side according to the First and Last day of the year and option select in period selector

3- Based in your company historical information, decide what periods are you going to use. Monthly or Quarterly periods are the most popular choices. However the system allows you to have any number of periods from 1 to 13.

Note: We recommend having all users outside the system before doing this task. This is a very sensitive area of the system Therefore; only well-trained personnel should attempt to change any of these settings.

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