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Price List Report


This report will allow you to Preview, Export and/or Print your Price List for a specific customer type.


The report is the result of having price lists already setup in the system (See Setup Customer Types, Setup Inventory Items). The selection window allows you to enter two dates. Those dates will be printed in the report indicating the validity period of the prices you are printing. In addition to this, you will see a list of all the Item categories in your system. You can exclude as many categories as you want from the report. Before you print the report you need to select a customer type to print its price list. BSC Software provides two different price list reports with different formats. This report shows Qty/Unit, Item Id, Order, Description, Pallet Count, Pallet Price, Pallet Unit, Price, Price per Unit, and UPC. The other is simpler and has less selection options(See Group Price List).

Note: Refer to the Reports Overview help topic for details about the operations of the reports in BSC Food Distribution

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