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Promotion Management


This option allows the user to enter a promotion for specific periods.


First, go to the main menu and click on Inventory/Promotion Entry.


1- To create a new promotion click on the "New" button. Enter a name for this promotion on the "Promotion Name" box, and also enter a brief description on the "Description" box. ( Example: 'BOGO' that means buy one, get one, or BOG50 that means buy one, get other at 50% )

2- On the "Budget" box, enter the amount of money you plan to spend on this promotion.

3- The user have the option of customize this promotion for a specific "Customer Zone" or by "Customer Type".

4- Enter the period for which the promotion will be available.

5- Select a promotion type and also a promotion goal if you want to.

6- The BSC Software allows you to add specific items to promotions. This option is useful when the promotion just apply for specific merchandise.

7- Once you entered all the information click on "Save".

8- The system also has the option of "cloning" promotions, this is particularly helpful when two promotion are similar, and you just need to make a few changes.

9- To modify old promotions click on the "Search" button to lookup on your database the promotion you are looking for. Once you find it, make the changes you wish and click "Save".


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