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Purge DB


This form will allow you to purge (delete) transactions from the system that are no longer necessary. You can delete Invoices, Returns, Credit Memos and Sales Memos, Receiving Vouchers and Credit Entries from a Date back with no open amounts. You can also delete Inventory adjustments posted or un-posted from a date back. You can delete posted Cash Receipts/Credits, Vendor Payments/Vendor Credits from a date back. Finally, you can delete transactions that are converted and not posted like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Return Orders and Quotes from a date back


Note: You need to backup your data before attempting to use the Purge Function!!!

1- Open the Purge DB form by clicking on Tools/Purge DB

2- Select the Posted or not posted for the transactions you want to purge in the Upper Frame. Select also the cutoff date for this operation. Usually, you might want to purge transactions that are at least 1 or 2 years old so that you won’t miss this data.

3- Select the “Purge” Checkbox for the transactions in the lower frame that you want to purge from your system as well as the cut off date for every one of them.

4- Double Check your choices

5- Press the Ok button to delete these transactions from the system. When this operation is completed you will get a confirmation message and the data erased is unrecoverable.

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