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Setup Route Maintenance


This form will provide a lookup of all of your customers along with the Weeks and Days they have to be visited, ordered by salesperson. You can adjust that information and this will affect each and every one of the Customer Selected.


1- Scroll through the list and Select Customer

Customers are ordered by Salesperson and customer Id. You can find the customer by scrolling through the list or entering part of the Customer Name in the Text Box on Top and pressing Enter.

2- Modify the Weeks and Days of Visit

Once you are positioned in the customer you want to edit. Go to the desired Week Column and press the button to Make it True or False. Do the same for the desired Day of the Week Column.

3- Update and Exit

Always update your information before exiting, as the system has to update all the customer records that were affected. The next time that you prepare the Trip for Fixed Route Clients, the information entered in here will be readily available.

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