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Route Setup


This option allow the user to add, modify and delete routes.


First, go to main menu and click on Setup/Route/Setup Route


1- To create a new route enter a new name or code in the “Id” box, you can use an alphanumeric words, we recommend you to keep it short. If you wish to modify an existent route, enter the “Id” or press the “Search” button to look up in your database.

2- Enter a description on the “Description” box is you are creating a new route. Usually the best thing type here is the zone for which this route will be assigned or the city name.

3-Select the day for which this route will be operating and hit the button add to add this new route. If you would like to make changes in a previous route, after the changes are made hit the “Refresh” button.

4-If you want to delete a route, just type the Id or select it from the “Search” button, and hit the “Delete” button.


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