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Sales Analysis by Salesperson Report


This report includes the Sales of Items within all or a select group of Item Categories in a time period.


This report has three different formats. First of all, the “Basic” format shows a summary of Qty, Gross Total, Cost, Margin, and Margin Percent by category. Second, the “Summary” Format shows the transactions numbers and a summary of those categories in those transactions. Finally, the “Detail” format shows a list of all items within selected categories.

These reports allow you to exclude some categories marked as unprofitable in the “Setup Item Type” form. In addition to this the report allows you to exclude some customer categories that are setup in the “Setup Customer Groups” form. This report has the choice of including/excluding POS transactions (if available). Furthermore, you can exclude or include the items marked as damaged in the POS application

Finally you can sort these reports by Sales Person or Item category.

Note: Refer to the Reports Overview help topic for details about the operations of the reports in BSC Food Distribution

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