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This form allows the user to add, modify and delete Sales Memos. Sales Memos Users are used as a way of increasing the customer’s AR Account without selling any actual merchandise. Internally, the Sales Memo works similar to an invoice, but it won’t decrease the inventory for any items. Sales Memos will always Debit the AR account Receivable account for the customer and credit any accounts added at the respective amount. Some of the most popular uses for sales memos are to add extra freight, duties, processing and other charges to a customers AR account. Sales Memos are not going to affect the Sales Analysis Reports. However, they will show in the customer’s statements and also in the Customer Financials Lookup. Sales Memos can be printed and posted from here. Once a Sales Memo is posted, it cannot be modified.


Create a New Sales Memo

1- Press the New Button in the Lower left hand side of the screen. This will clear all contents from the form and position the cursor over the customer search button. If you have an unsaved Sales Memo when you click new, the system will prompt you to save the data before continue

2- The “Date” field will show today’s date by default. However, you can change that information by clicking in the date/time picker selection button

3- Search for a customer either by pressing the Yellow Folder Button or entering the customer Id in the text box and pressing enter.

4- When you bring the customer information to the screen all the Bill To/Ship to fields are filled with the customer information

5- If you want to edit the customer information or you need to add a new customer to the company, click the “Red Notebook” button to open the customer setup form (See Customer Setup)

6- The Salesperson comes from the selected customer’s information. You can change these fields by selecting alternative options from the combo box.

7- Enter any customer reference number (if available) in the “Reference” field

8- To add Accounts Directly to the Sales Memo, enter the Account Number below the “GL Account” label, press Enter and the system will query the database for that account. If the account is found, it is added to the grid below. If the Item is not found the GL Accounts search screen will open.

9- The GL Accounts search screen can also be opened either by pressing the “GL Acc” button on the Sales Memo. This form will allow you to search for an Item based on the Account Number, Description or Type. Once you find the Account you are searching for you can press the select button to bring it to the Sales Memo.

10- After the user has added an account to the Grid, he/she needs to fill the Description Columns with the Appropriate Information. This can be a brief explanation as to why that account is being debited.

11- The user also has to enter the amount that he/she wants to credit for each of the accounts added to the grid. Those amounts will be totaled at the bottom of the form and that’s what will be debited to the customer’s AR account.

12- Before Saving, Updating or posting the user can enter a discount percentage that will be applied to the subtotal of the Sales Memo.

13- When all the information is in place, Press the Save Button to complete the Sales Memo and assign a Sales Memo number. This action is not going to affect any Inventory levels in the company. The Accounts Receivable and all of the other accounts involved won’t be affected until the Sales Memo is posted.

Print Reports

1- Sales Memo Report. Press this button to print a report that includes the customer Information, the accounts involved and the total that will be debited to the customer AR Account. You can use this report as a receipt that you can send to your customers.

Edit Sales Memo

1- After you have saved a Sales Memo and closed the form, you can always come back and edit that information if the Sales Memo is not posted yet. If you know the Sales Memo number you can enter in the appropriate field to bring that Sales Memo up. In addition to that you can press the Search button to find the intended Sales Memo by Salesperson, Order Document or Customer.

2- After you have the Sales Memo in the form, you can make any changes to it and press update. The Update button will save your changes to that database and it will let you know if someone else is working on the same Sales Memo. If that is the case you will be prompted to refresh your data, make the changes and Update again.

Add Payments

1- Enter in the Reference Number field the check number, Credit Card confirmation Number or any other reference number for this payment. Even if this is a cash transaction you need to enter an alphanumerical value in here if you want to add a payment to this customer/sales memo when the transaction is posted.

2- Enter in here the amount of the payment. This has to be a positive number with two decimal places

3- Select the appropriate payment method from the list. If you need to select a payment method that does not exists in the company, you can always add it to the Setup Payment Methods screen (See Setup Payment Methods)

4- Bank Account. Select the appropriate bank account where this payment will be deposited.

5- Amount. Enter in here the amount of the payment. This has to be a positive number with two decimal places.

6- Balance Due. This number will reflect the difference between the total and the Amount

Post Sales Memo

1- Click the post button if you are sure about posting the Sales Memo. The system will ask you for confirmation. If you click yes, the system will check for possible flaws in the Sales Memo like Accounts with no description or amount zero. After the Sales Memo is posted you get a confirmation message. You cannot make any changes to a posted Sales Memo except to void it. This action won’t affect any inventory information. It will increase the Accounts Receivable balance for the selected customer. The user will be able to apply payments, Credit Memos and Returns to this Sales Memo using the Cash Receipts form.

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