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Search for Item


Search for POS Items


1. Click the "Add Items" button to get the Item Search form .


2. Use the Item Category Dropdown or the Quick Search Categories to the right to filter the items by category

3. Use the Up/Down buttons to scroll through the Item List

4. Click on the Button inside the Qty Column to Edit the Qty and Price for the Item you want to add to the transaction. If you don't edit the price information the system will use the price according to the customer selected

5. Hit the Select button once you are done entering the items, the search window will remain open until you select all the items and click on "Close". All the Items are added to the grid below, and the totals are updated. On the right part of this window, you will se something called "Quick Search" which are options that help you to find the item faster,

6. If you would like to do a "Return" transaction, instead of a "Sales" transaction. Next to the "Add items" button, you will see a button called "Sales", click on that button to change the "Sales" word for "Return". Leving the button saying "Return" will idicate that the trasaction in process is a return.


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