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Setup Tax Authorities


Tax authorities are individual taxes set by various local, county, and state governments. They are defined on this Form, so that they can be grouped together into a usable list on the Tax Groups card.


1- Edit the Tax ID

2- Either type in an ID or select one using the lookup button. To create a new tax, go to a new record and type an ID for it.

3- Edit tax details

4- Description - tells what the tax is for. For example, "Metropolitan City Tax."

5- Tax % - this is the percentage amount of the tax. For example, if you were entering "Metropolitan City Tax," you would put 1.25% in this field.

6- GL Account - tax liabilities post to this account in the General Ledger.

7- Put into a group. In order to use the tax, you will have to put it into a Tax Group. Tax Groups are explained in the “Tax Group Setup” topic.

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