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Setup Tax Groups


To use tax authorities on invoices and such, you must first combine the authorities into groups. Thus you can create a group of taxes for local customers, another for interstate customers, and so on. These groups are then available for selection on invoices, credit memos, etc.


1- Select a Tax Group ID. To load an existing group, type its ID into the field or use the lookup to find it. To create a new group, go to a new record and type in a new ID.

2- Enter a description. This should describe the purpose of the group; the reason for collecting all the different tax authorities together.

3- Edit the Tax group components list. In order to create a tax group, you must select the individual tax authorities from which it is composed. These come from the taxes defined on the Tax Authorities card. For each tax that will be in the group, select it in the Sales Tax column of the grid. The appropriate columns will be filled in, and the total percentage for the group will be calculated.

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