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Setup Trucks




This form will allow you to add, modify and delete the Trucks that your company will use as part of the distribution operation. The Information entered in here relates to the customer as they can have a default truck (see Customer Setup). In addition to this, you will be using most of the Truck information when preparing the trip (see Trip). The system won't allow you to delete any trucks that are in transactions, and you should not change most of its vital information if that truck has been assigned to Trips in the past.




    1. Truck Id. Enter a Unique combination of Letters and Numbers to describe this truck
    2. V.I.N. Number. Enter the Truck's V.I.N. Number. Make sure to enter all the Letters and numbers right
    3. Tag. Enter the Tag number for this truck
    4. Mileage and Mileage Date. Enter the Milleage for the truck and the Date
    5. Capacity. This is an optional field and it should express the capacity of the truck either in Cubic or Pounds
    6. Description. Enter a description here of the truck and the tasks associated to it
    7. Salesperson. If the Truck driver is authorized to sell merchandise you need to add him as a salesperson (See Employee Setup). Then you should select that Truck Driver/Salesperson from the list
    8. Release Salesperson. This Button will release this salesperson from Truck and leave it Blank.




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