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Setup Warehouse/Bins


This Form allows you to add modify and delete the Warehouses the company will use to store and ship the merchandise. In addition to this We can also Add and delete the Bins within each of the Warehouses. This setup is part of the Setup Checklist and it has to be done before beginning operations in the company. One must be really careful about deleting a warehouse with Qty’s on hand or transactions.


1- Warehouse Id. Enter a meaningful Warehouse Type Id/Description not exceeding 15 characters. This Id will then be used all over the system whenever we want to pull the inventory from the right warehouse.

2- Address, Contact and Phone Information. Even though this information is optional, you should enter the most accurate address and contact information if you will have PO’s being sent to the particular warehouse. The address in here will show in the PO/Receiving documents.

3- Add Bins. Whenever you create a new Warehouse the system will create a default Bin(A1). However, to create a new bin Click the “Add Bin” and the system will add an empty line at the end of the Bin List. Enter a Bin ID that reflects it relative position in the Warehouse. For Example many companies use Bin Locations that Express a combination of Line, Location, Level (A10C). The Description should be less than 50 Characters including any special comments in the remarks. Furthermore, you can activate this bin by selecting yes in its Active Column. You can also make this Bin a bin where you will accept receiving by assign a true value to the Receive column.

4- Modify and Delete Bins. In order to Modify the content of a Bin, you must click on the Bins Grid to select it. Then go to the column that you want to modify enter your changes and update. Furthermore, if you want to delete a Bin from a Warehouse, just select it press the Delete key.

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